Mike Learn Airbrush & Design

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3-Pack Includes: Belly Gun Series, Work Smarter Not Harder Series, and Compu-Sition Series. * Mike Learn has been airbrushing since 1979 and over the years has made quite a name for himself in the custom painting industry. Now, with the launch of three separate series of instructional DVDs, you can learn the secrets that have allowed him to rise to the top and turn his art into a thriving business. * Mike Learn DVDs: The Belly Guns™ Series introduces a unique and straight-forward approach to painting pin up style artwork. This system will give you the tools and the confidence you need for any project with a female subject model. The Work Smarter Not Harder Series will teach you to embrace technology available to today’s artists to improve both your work and your efficiency. The Compu-Sition Series gives an in-depth look into designing, lighting, shading and underpainting and shows you how to integrate the skills outlined in the first 2 DVDs and your computer into practical and dynamic composition. This film discusses the ideas of perspective, focus, color and the overall process of going from sketch to photo to paint. The techniques shown in these 3 DVDs will take years off your learning curve and boost your confidence at the same time. * BONUS: All Mike Learn DVDs come with Bonus Content and a full set of the masks used. All Mike Learn DVDs are COMPLETELY SUPPORTED. Log on to to register your DVD and gain access to FAQs, Support Forums, Downloadables, Discussion, Contests and much much more.

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